Buffet Table Setting Tips – Setting up the Room

Inside the image that lay.

It was a straightforward photo, I saw,

The fair substance of a youthful fellow:

Then, at that point, I felt a feeling of stunningness:

Pity mixing with my euphoria!

I was right here, at 23

The smooth 셔츠룸 picture, a young fellow

With delicate and wavy coppery hair

New youthful muscles, jawline and forehead!

Clear and basic were things,

That my internal soul developed;

The white shroud of straightforwardness:

Maybe some other time.

Presently, an elderly person at 64

With grabbing eyes, shady brain

That restricted room of youth dispossessed:

Brilliant magnificence currently disappeared!

As though enveloping in one evening:

Wild and dim and brilliant dreams,

Maturing inside that old photo:

We procure as we have planted!

Accordingly, the spirit presently endlessly pauses

For the day he’ll disappear

However the image actually remains:

Some time ago, he was 23.

#3339 (4-2-2012)

Haiku for Iceland

In 1999, the ninth of

September, at 9:00 a.m.! I was flying

to Iceland, that is:

9-9-1999 at 9:00 a.m.!

#3340 (4-2-2012)

The Drinking Room

(The Poem)

Here men are patched

It dwells in a straightforward kitchen,

Level green walls, with a white sky

What’s more, a light emission, for the sun

(put in the focal point of the roof)!

Here you can turn into a cured stone.

The stones of the psyche, quiet…

The heart stone calm, moved by


Just to take care of the mouth-opening with

channeled in liquor.

Here individuals of the local beverage

Such in vim’s of haziness

Wipe kissing the phallic glass

jugs of brew.

One stone eye closes, leaving the

Other to observe similarity:

Many days after day…

A current foments the wires in your mind

Volts upon volts energizing the middle!

This is the drinking room,

That snares the hands and brains of

the dead, or passing on?

Love is in the thirst and revile, the tingle!

What’s more, we as a whole get naturally suspecting:

“I’ll quit drinking!

I’ll be all around great…


Be that as it may, few at any point do,

They simply change rooms.

Note: it took me 22 years until I quit drinking; I recently continued to change rooms, presently I have thirty years of restraint.

#3337 (4-1-2012)


There are remains on the moon, I bet:

left over from the people of yore!

There are remains on Earth, moving

in the breeze, I’ve seen this.

There are remains on Mars, red like

-lethargic fire…here and there

All over: I’ve seen photos!

There are remains on Mercury, hot

furthermore, burnt…there must be (?)

Sometime in the future, on the off chance that you investigate my

casket, you’ll find remains as well!

Cinders have a long history with

humanity, individuals, the universe.

The sun, one day will detonate,

be sucked into nothingness;

Or on the other hand maybe a dark opening

Leaving just cinders and dead gases!

Then, at that point, what?

We’ll all begin once more, from Ashes?